Create, Test and Deploy AI to the Edge in One Day

Kynisys is an AI marketplace and end-to-end platform that unlocks the true value of edge AI.

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How it works

We take best of breed use case-specific machine learning from the world’s greatest developers and provide a route to rapid and low-cost deployment.

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Kynisys is an Edge AI marketplace with curated datasets, machine learning models and edge devices in the IoT, Security, Oil and Gas industry.

Create Solutions

The platform uses your problem, hardware and environment requirements to help you create a solution that reaches the right performance and efficiency.

Train, Compile & Test

Train your solution on powerful GPUs and view training performance. Compile your model for the edge and compare your test performance on our available edge devices.

Prototype & Deploy

Prototype and deploy your solution inside your application and analyse results.
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End to end platform for Edge AI

Define your solution requirements
Use existing data sets
Use or create machine learning models using notebooks
Select your target edge device
Train and test your solution on GPUs and edge devices
Prototype, deploy your solution and analyse your results

Create machine learning models for popular market applications

Kynisys operates in the following industries.
Security and IoT
Oil and Gas

It’s time to democratise the deployment of edge AI

The future of machine learning is at the edge of the network, where low power is key and specialized hardware is necessary. Today’s Edge AI solutions are not end-to-end and impact your time to market. We want to drastically reduce the time to market to create, test and deploy edge AI. We’re building a marketplace and platform that allows users and developers to create their edge solution in less than a day.
Kynisys is incubated by Imagination Technologies and leverages its tailored and wide-ranging domain expertise, platforms, tools and methodologies.

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